Introducing, Screenshots & Listen v2


It was a slightly busy week. I’ve launched a new website - - and  also pushed upgraded versions of several other web apps hosted on

Most CtrlQ apps now sport a consistent look, several bugs have been squashed, the performance has improved and, best of all, the usage limits have been dropped. Here’s the complete list:

  • - This is a voice recognition app for Chrome that converts your voice into text. The transcribed text is automatically stored in your browser or you can share on Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • YouTube Near Me - This is a Google Maps + YouTube mashup that helps you discover geo-tagged videos around your current location.
  • Web Screenshots - This lets you capture full-length high-resolution screenshots of web pages and you can run Screenshots on the desktop or mobile devices.
  • Listen - This is the text-to-speech app that converts your words into spoken voice. The daily quota has been dropped and you can enjoy unlimited sessions.
  • YouTube Copy -  This adds an old feature to YouTube that Google has silently dropped - the ability to clone someone else’s playlist into your own account.
  • Secure Passwords - This is password manager that saves you from the hassle of remembering multiple passwords. Watch the video demo to learn more.

Should you discover any bugs or have any feature suggestions, please do let me know. Thanks!


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