How to Accurately Geo-Tag your YouTube Videos

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012

When you upload a video to YouTube, you can associate a geographic location with your video and that will offer YouTube an hint as to where that particular video was captured. This process is also known as geo-tagging and once a location is attached to a video, it may even show up in the YouTube video layer available inside Google Earth and Google Maps.

Here’s how you can geo tag your YouTube video with the exact co-ordinates.

1. Open the postal address locator and zoom in to the exact area on the Google where you shot that video clip.

2. Click on the point and it will show the latitude and longitude of that point in a mini popup window – copy this information to the clipboard.

3. Upload the video clip to YouTube and under Advanced Settings, just copy-paste that latitude and longitude information in the “Video Location” box. Hit the search button to confirm the location.

Save the changes and you have successfully geo-tagged your first YouTube video.

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