Use your iPhone or iPad as a Voice Recorder

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012

Want to capture that sweet voice of your little girl humming her nursery poems? Or maybe you wish record an audio interview but without having to carry that digital voice recorder?

Nuance, developers of the popular Dragon Naturally Speech Recognition software, today released a new iOS app called Dragon Recorder that lets you quickly record voice notes on your iOS device with a single tap.

Launch the app and tap the screen to begin recording – tap again to pause or double tap to finish the recording. You can playback the audio on your iOS device itself or the audio files can be easily transferred to the computer over Wi-Fi.

One useful feature is that if you switch to a different app during a recording session, the Dragon Recorder app will continue recording. Thus the app can be used to record audio from other apps – for example, Skype calls.

Dragon Recorder is for the iPhone but can also be used to capture audio on the iPad.

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