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The upcoming HP Printers will have a unique “Send to Google Docs” app that will connect your printer directly to the Google cloud. You can scan paper documents and the app will upload them as PDFs to your Google Docs account without requiring a computer.

Scan Drop is a free document scanning utility that will help you scan and upload paper documents directly to Google Docs.It works something like this. You download and install the app and then sign-in using your Google Account.

Assuming that the scanner /multifunction printer is connected to your computer, you press the scan button inside Scan Drop and it will scan the papers in the queue and will convert then all into  one PDF.

Scan Documents to Google

You can make some basic changes to this scanned PDF like you can re-order pages or even rotate them in case the orientation was wrong at the time of scanning. Now press upload and this PDF will be copied from the computer to any of the selected folders in your Google account.

ScanDrop is compatible with almost all types of scanners and you can use it on any Windows 7, XP or Vista computer. The only downside is that your paper documents are uploaded as scanned images (no OCR) and therefore they won’t be searchable inside Google Docs.

Published in: Google Docs - OCR - PDF

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