Bought a New Computer? Now Remove all the Pre-Installed Trial Software

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You buy a brand new computer thinking that you’ll keep it clean and fast by installing only the essential software programs but your hopes are dashed the moment your turn on the new PC as it shipped pre-loaded with tons of trial software that are of little or no use.

This may sound funny but it actually makes sense if you can spare some time cleaning the new PC of all these junk trial programs before installing anything new and useful.

No, you don’t have to jump to the Control Panel for removing programs as there’s a free tool called ”PC Decrapifier” that can automatically detect and uninstall most of pre-installed software unattended. It will even reset your browser home page and default search engine.

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Here’s a full list of programs that PC Decrapifier can remove. It works with most common trialware programs (and browser toolbars) that are developed by OEM partners including Norton, Yahoo, Dell, Roxio, Sonic, Corel, Google and Microsoft.

The software has been around for a while but the latest version (2.0) is a complete rewrite and therefore more stable than ever before. Thanks Sarah.

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Published in: trial - uninstall - useful

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