Bug Shooting: The Perfect Screen Capture Utility for Windows – Free

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 14, 2008

bug shooting Bug Shooting is an awesome screen capture program for Windows that is completely free and offers loads of features that are normally available only in commercial screenshot applications like SnagIt.

To give you an example, Bug Shooting has a "Delayed Capture" mode that is like setting a timer for your screen captures and can be used for grabbing menus & tool-tips.

Bug Shooting has a built-in screen magnifier that enlarges the screen area and helps you place the mouse cursor at the exact location on the screen before the screenshot.

screen magnifier

And when you capture an area of the screen, Bug Shooting will draw cross-hairs indicating the exact co-ordinates much like SnagIt or the Camtasia Studio Recorder.

cross hair

Now the best part of Bug Shooting is the included image editor that lets you annotate screenshots with standard tools like the freehand pen, text, etc. The impressive thing is the live preview – the changes can been seen as you hover over different colors or settings. Everything get stored in separate layers.

screenshot editor

The final screenshot image can be stored in JPEG or PNG. Bug Shooting can be configured with almost any program on your desktop so you may directly send screen captures to Outlook, Skype, Photoshop, Flickr Uploader and so on.

Bug Shooting – Also check out some more free screen capture software.

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