Convert PowerPoint Presentations into DVD-Quality Video

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 18, 2009
powerpoint to video

With PowerPoint 2010, you can create a high-quality video file of your PowerPoint presentations that can distributed by burning a DVD or you can upload it to YouTube and other video sharing sites on the web.

The video file created by PowerPoint incorporates all recorded timings, narrations, and laser pointer gestures. It will also preserves all slide animations, transitions, and media that may be embedded in your presentations.

You can create videos from PowerPoint presentations in the following three formats:

1. Computer & HD Displays – For viewing on a computer monitor, projector, or high definition display (960 x720)

2. Internet & DVD – For uploading to the Web and burning to standard DVD (640 x480)

3. Portable Devices – For devices like iPod or Zune (like a video podcast); Small text may be difficult to read (320 x240)

PowerPoint will create videos in the Windows Media (wmv) format only.

[*] If you don’t have Office 2010, you can use this hack for converting PowerPoint presentations to video.

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