Take Your Files Wherever You Go!

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 21, 2010

zumocastThere are so many ways by which you can remotely access your computer files over the Internet but the service that I am currently in love with is ZumoCast – simple, elegant and it’s free to use without any limitations.

With ZumoCast installed, you don’t ever have to upload your desktop files to the cloud but you’ll still be able to access them from other computers or your iOS devices.

To get started, just install the ZumoCast client on your Windows or Mac computer and select the folders on your desktop that you would like to access remotely. That’s it!

Now open the ZumoCast website on any other computer, log into your account and you’ll have immediate access to all your files and folders. The only condition is that your original computer, where the files are physically stored, should be on and connected to the Internet.

online file browser

Other than accessing files from a remote computer, you may also use ZumoCast to upload new files from your current (remote) computer to the original computer via the browser.

iPhone and and iPad users may download the native ZumoCast app on their devices as it offers an even better experience and can transcode videos on the fly – that means if you have video on your computer in the format that’s not supported by the iPhone, you can still play it via live streaming.

An Android version of ZumoCast is in the works as well.

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