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When news breaks in some part of the world, you are often curious to know what the local newspapers of that country have to say on that event. The question is how do you find all the good news outlets of that region?

Enter Newspaper Map, a comprehensive catalogue of all the prominent newspapers of the world arranged on a Google Map. You can zoom-in to any region of the map, or use the search feature, to see the names all of the major newspapers that are published from a particular region.

The various pins on the newspaper map point you to the actual website of the corresponding newspaper, their color indicates the newspaper language and everything is neatly integrated with Google Translate thus helping you read any foreign newspaper in your own native language.

If you find the number of pins as overwhelming, there’s a setting to show just the ‘major’ newspapers and hide the local dailies. The search box has auto-complete s

There are alternative sites like Kiosko and Newseum that display the current front page of newspapers from around the world but Newspaper Map is a bit different – their collection is much bigger, you can find newspapers by region and it works on your mobile too.

Thank you Jack Schofield for the tip.

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Published in: Google Maps - newspaper

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