Upload Screenshots to the Web Directly from your Clipboard

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Say you want to quickly capture a screenshot image of your desktop, or any other window on your screen, and share it on the web. How will you do that?

If there are no screen capture programs installed on the computer, you will first hit the Print Screen key to copy the desktop on to the clipboard and will then paste the clipboard content inside an image editor like Paint. Next you’ll export that image into a JPG file and will then upload it to one of the image hosting websites like Flickr, Pinterest, etc.

There’s however a simpler approach as well that involves lesser number of hops.

Paste Screenshots Directly to the Web

You can capture the desktop screen to the clipboard with the Print Screen key* as before but instead of using an intermediate program like Paint, you can directly paste the image from the clipboard to the web by pressing Ctrl + V inside a website called snag.gy.

Snag.gy will read the image content of your clipboard and uploads it on to their own servers. There’s also a built-in editor so that you can perform minor tweaks to your clipboard images before publishing them online.

Snag.gy works across all browsers that support HTML5 and they also have a Java Applet version available for older browsers. Here are some additional screenshot sharing services.

PS:The Print Screen key captures a screenshot of the entire desktop screen but you can use Alt + Prt Scr shortcut to capture a screenshot of only the active window.

Published in: Screen Capture - Windows Clipboard

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