Upload Screenshot Images Online With Screen Capture Tools

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 11, 2012

upload screenshots After you grab a screenshot with the Print Screen key or some external screen capture utility, your first save that captured image to the desktop and then upload it online to your blog, Flickr or some other image hosting service.

That’s the regular workflow so let’s try to become more efficient and merge the two steps into one. Here are some wonderful screen capture software that will capture as well as upload your screenshot images onto the web:

twitter-screenshot 1. Kwout.com – Kwout is an online screen capture service that requires no downloads  and can save web pages as images. You can either save the full web page or just a portion.

Kwout will host the screenshots on their own servers or you can directly upload the images to either Flickr or Tumblr. Perfect and it’s the only screen capture tool that will preserve the hyperlinks in your screenshot through Image Maps.

2. Shup.com – Shup sits in the system tray and can capture the full desktop or the active window. You can also apply annotations and basic edits using the inbuilt image editor.

shup-logo Shup will then directly upload the screenshot to Flickr, ImageShack, PhotoBucket or your own web server. Once the upload is complete, the URL of the images is available in the clipboard. Shup also keeps a local archive of all uploaded images. Windows only.

annotate-screenshots 3. Clip2Net.com – This is actually a file sharing service like Rapidshare but they also want people to use their service for sharing screen captures. That’s the reason they provide a simple screen grab utility that captures and uploads your screen image.

You can also add visual annotations (like arrows, free hand sketches, etc) to the screenshots. Clip2Net provides a URL of the image that you can hotlink from your blog or website. See demo.

4. Jing Project – Jing has made a solid impact in the screen capture industry because it’s from Techsmith, it’s free, it supports screenshots + screencast videos, offers ample storage space and best of all, Jing is available for Mac as well as Windows.

jing-screenshot Jing is the best tool in this category. It uploads your screenshot images to screencast.com which is free now but I guess that will change once Jing graduates from beta. Luckily, Jing can also send screenshots directly to Flickr or your FTP server.

5. Picnik.com – Picnik, the popular online image editor, provides a free Firefox add-on that can capture web pages and automatically load the images into Picnik for editing online.

You can then send this screenshots to Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, etc from Picnik itself. Fireshots is another Firefox extension that can send your screenshots online or put them in an email message.

6. Skitch.com – This is the the favorite screen capture application of Mac users that captures, annotates and uploads. Haven’t seen it myself but this screen video does say a lot about the application.

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