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pdf scribd ipaperScribd, a perfect place for uploading Office documents and PDFs, has moved from Adobe Flash Paper to a new iPaper format that is definitely more impressive and also allows web publishers to monetize documents.

With the new iPaper format, you can embed virtually any document format into your website or blog as a flipping book with 3D page turning capabilities or in a landscape (presentation) mode.

This is very similar to the Issuu PDF Converter but the advantage is that you can print and search through documents inside the iPaper viewer - something which is not possible inside Issuu.

Scribd provides a simple QuickSwitch mode - you copy-paste a block of code in your blog and all documents/PDFs (that are mentioned in your articles) will be auto-converted into iPaper format without you having to upload files manually. This mode will also replace the document links in your web pages with an embedded document player. Simple!

Another attraction is AdSense - Scribd will pay blog owners who embed documents in their blogs using iPaper - the earnings will be based on the number of ad impressions served via Google AdSense. And if you are a content publisher, Scribd offers something similar to Ads for PDF where you also get to monetize your own documents.

Scribd iPaper | Video Demo | FAQ | Thanks Om.

Published in: Embed - scribd

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