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Issuu (prononced “issue”) is an impressive service where you upload PDF documents and they are instantly converted into 3D flip magazines which you can embed in blogs or websites.

Your visitors can turn the pages of the PDF with their mouse or jump to any specific page by clicking the thumbnail image of the page. In other words, Issuu makes your PDF files look almost the same as a physical publication but in a browser.

While Scribd and Slideshare also support PDF files (See ”How to Embed PDF Documents in Web Pages”), Issuu offers two main advantages - they allow you to upload large PDF files (upto 100 MB) and their inline PDF player looks absolutely amazing. You even get to decide the colors and the PDF player dimensions.

Here’s a sample PDF magazine created with Issuu - uses the slides from Google Q4 Earnings call:

Issuu is free and a perfect place for sharing PDF files especially the ones that contain photos, illustrations, PowerPoint slides or your design portfolio. Spend five minutes and you’ll love this PDF service for sure. | Upload PDF here [no sign-up required]

Published in: Embed - PDF - scribd - SlideShare - upload - useful

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