Introducing Instant RSS Search

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 1, 2013
RSS Search

The search for an alternative to Google Reader is almost over but the one feature that is missing in most Reader wannabes is a decent feed search engine.

Google Reader is was probably the largest repository of feeds and their built-in search tool was one of the best ways to discover new RSS feeds around any topic. Now that Reader is permanently shutting down, the feed search engine will no longer be available.

Meet – an instant RSS search tool that will help you quickly find feeds around your topics of interest. You may use the online tool to find feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts, photo blogs, and more.

A unique feature of this tool is that it you can preview the most recently published items of any RSS feed  in the search results page itself, thus making it easier for you to decide whether that particular website / RSS feed is worth adding to your Feed Reader or not.

The site internally uses Google Feeds API and thus the feed search results are pretty much the same as served by Reader. You may use any of the Google advanced search operators – like site, allintitle or inurl – in your queries to further refine your search results.

The 1st version of the tool was launched in April 2011. The latest version, released today, includes performance enhancements and instant search allowing you to search feeds as you type. We have also migrated from the Yahoo’s YUI library to Twitter’s Bootstrap.

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