The Kindle Best Sellers that are currently Free

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 27, 2012

Meet Hundred Zeros, a Pinterest style page that offers a visual listing of best-sellers that you can download on your Kindle, Windows PC, Mac or any mobile phone for free.

You can also download and read these Kindle books in your browser without requiring any software or mobile apps. All you need is a free account. (See additional sources where you can  download free Kindle books).

Zero Dollar Books is updated every hour and you can use Twitter, Facebook or RSS to get notified whenever new books are added to this list.

free kindle books

This list is generated using Amazon’s sales data itself. Amazon offers a best sellers list of Kindle titles though the list is split across five pages. The tool uses web scraping to download the entire list, filters out ebooks which are no longer free (the prices on Amazon can change every hour) and then puts everything in one Pinterest style page.

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