Convert Multiple Currencies at Once with Google

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 18, 2013

Google, as you know, has a built-in calculator that can solve complex maths equations and can also help you perform measurement and currency conversions. For instance, you could say “1 USD in JPY” to get the exchange rate of Japanese Yen or “1 ounce in grams” to quickly convert between imperial and metric units of mass.

Google Currency Converter

Google can Convert Multiple Currencies

The more interesting part, that some of us aren’t probably aware of, is that Google’s calculator can even handle multiple currencies in the same conversion. To give you an example, if you were into numismatics, you could add your British Pounds and Yen and get the value of your currency collection in US Dollars in the one search query.

This “mix and match” can be done for measurement and time conversions too as illustrated in the following screenshots. Thank you Tasha Bergson for the tip.

Convert Mass / Weight Convert Dates with Google

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