How to Send Recurring Emails with Gmail Mail Merge

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Gmail Mail Merge includes a scheduler to help you send your personalized emails at a later date and time. While setting up Mail Merge, enter a date and time in the Scheduled Date column and the corresponding email will go out within +/- 30 minutes of the schedule.

Michael would like to know if the scheduled messages can be sent on a recurring schedule. He writes:

I have a customer who sells and services food packaging machines. He has a large number of machines in the field and he wants to send customised messages to his customer base every quarter or every year (depending on the service schedule of a particular machine) to remind the customer that a machine is due for a service.

The dedicated Gmail Scheduler add-on help you send emails later but you can use Mail Merge as well to send recurring email.

Let’s say you wish to send an email to every 1st of the month for the next 6 months. What you can do is create 6 entries in the Mail Merge sheet and for each row, set the scheduled date as the 1st of the month. See example:

Mail Merge Recurring Email

When you configure emails, the 6 jobs will be scheduled to go out on the 1st of every month for the next 6 months.

Published in: Mail Merge for Gmail

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