How to Schedule Email Messages in Gmail with a Google Sheet

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 10, 2016

Have you ever wanted to write an email message in Gmail now but send it later? Maybe you are sending birthday wishes and would like to delay the delivery of the email message until the actual day. Or you have written an email but would like to schedule delivery in the recipient’s time zone when the message is more likely to get read.

Microsoft Outlook has a built-in email scheduler but you do not have a ‘native’ option to delay the delivery of email messages inside Gmail. That’s where Gmail Scheduler can help. It is an add-on for Google Spreadsheets that will not only help you schedule email messages inside Gmail but you can also send recurring email. For instance, if you would like to send an email reminder to your tenant on the last Friday of every month, you can do it with the scheduler easily.

Email Scheduler for Gmail

Unlike extensions like Boomerang or Sidekick that are browser specific, Gmail Scheduler is available inside Google Sheets and thus works across all desktop browsers. The scheduler, written with Google Scripts, runs on Google servers and will automatically deliver the message at the time chosen by you even if the computer is switched off.

Schedule Emails in Gmail and Send Later

It take few easy steps to schedule email messages with the Gmail Scheduler. The basic idea is that you compose all the emails that you would like to be delivered later in Gmail, let them stay as drafts and then specify the exact delivery date and time for these messages in the Google sheet.

Watch the video tutorial (download) to get started.

How to Setup Gmail Scheduler

  1. Go to Gmail and compose a couple of email messages. After you are done writing the emails, do not hit the Send button but let the messages stay in drafts.
  2. Go to and install the Email Scheduler for Gmail inside your Google Spreadsheets.
  3. After the add-on is installed, allow the add-on to access your Gmail and other Google Apps services. This is a one-time authorization and is necessary since all the emails will go out from your own Gmail account.
  4. Inside the Google Sheet, go to Add-ons -> Email Scheduler -> Configure to launch the Email Scheduler.
  5. You’ll see a list of Gmail drafts in the dropdown. Select a message, click the Schedule button and follow the wizard to schedule that message. Simple.

Your draft messages can have rich formatting, you can add attachments, signatures and even inline images. Make sure that you have included the recipient’s email address(es) in the TO/CC/BCC fields of the drafts.

The email are scheduled in the timezone of your browser. Also, the emails will be sent within +/- 15 minutes of the specified time. If you have multiple emails, you can also choose a different Gmail alias as the FROM address.

Gmail Scheduler

Email Scheduler for Gmail – Premium Features

The Gmail Scheduler is available in free and premium editions.

Support Gmail & Google Apps accountsYesYes
Emails messages you can schedule at once5No limit
Schedule Recurring EmailsNoYes
Track Email OpensNoYes
Duplicate Gmail DraftsNoYes
Send emails from another email aliasYesYes
Technical SupportNoneEmail
Gmail Scheduler Premium

The premium edition lets you schedule more emails, send repetitive emails that are sent on a recurring schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly), track email opens and you can are also entitled to technical support.

The daily email sending limit is based on the type of your Google account. Gmail users can send up to 100 email recipients per day while Google Apps for Work customers can email 1500 recipients per day. Check Email Quota.

If you have trouble using the Gmail Scheduler add-on, please ensure that Gmail & Drive SDK are enabled for your Google domain.

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