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If you are looking to buy Apple products in India like the iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Macbook, Mac, etc - refer to this price guide.

Update: Here are prices of the new Macbook models in India.

iPod Touch - This touch-screen iPod costs Rs 15,000 for 8GB, Rs 20,000 for 16 GB and Rs24,500 for 32 GB. For other iPod models, read this - iPod Prices in India.

Macbook - These Apple laptops come in three variations - the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The thin & light Macbook Air is around Rs 88k, the MacBook is around Rs 50k while its expensive and more powerful cousin MacBook Pro starts from Rs 90k.

Mac - These are desktop computers that again come in three models - the Mac Mini (only the CPU, no monitor or keyboard), the iMac (complete desktop) or the Mac Pro (high-end with custom configuration).

The Mac Prod starts around Rs 1.5l, the iMac 20” starts from Rs 56k while the basic Mac Mini with Intel Core 2 Duo processor can be had for around INR 29k.

iPhone - While Apple or their partners (Vodafone, Airtel) have yet to disclose the price of iPhone in India, some reports suggest that iPhone will cost in excess of 20k here.

Apple TV - Watch photos, YouTube videos or listen to iTunes music on your large screen TV through Apple TV. The 40GB version of Apple TV costs around Rs 17,000 while the 160 GB model is available for Rs 21,000. All the specification are same except the difference in the hard drive.

How to buy Apple products in India ?

Apple does not sell software or iPods through their online store in India. The best option is to call the Apple Online store at (080) 25744646 or send an email to If you looked to get your Apple product repaired or replaced, call the Apple support in India at (080) 41409000.

Published in: India

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