What is the Price of iPhone 3G in India – 8 GB & 16 GB iPhone Costs

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 20, 2008

Airtel and Vodafone have finally introduced iPhone in India. Here are the official iPhone price according to Vodafone. It will be available for Rs 31,000 (8GB) and Rs 36,100 (16GB). Also see: iPhone data plans.

No one has a clue about the real price of iPhone 3G in India but here’s what people think. All prices mentioned here are in Indian Rupee (1 USD = 43 INR) and if we were to believe the trend, iPhone 3G (official, not unlocked version) won’t come cheap in India and the cost is comparable to other smartphones like BlackBerry & Nokia N series.

ooomz: Overheard: 8gb version of iphone 3g is likely to be priced around 18k while the 16gb would be 28k in India :-(

prayagn: So, iPhone at $199 a farce? Tariff inclusive deals at $500? Wow !! So it would come to India with a price tag of Rs. 30000 ? Bye bye iphone.

aalaap: Mid-Day’s Sneha Shah (mumbai) is reporting that the iPhone will cost Rs. 20,000 in India. Somehow, I don’t believe her.

mixdev: It seems like iPhone will cost around 27K approx. (from multiple sources) in India.

bs: Price of iPhone 2.0 in India would be at least double the amount of that in the US. iPhone 8GB will be priced between 16-18k while the 16 GB iPhone 3G would cost around 24-28k here.

nilayk: Buyers in the US will be able to buy iPhone 3G for $599 without committing to a two-year service agreement. That’s INR 24,000+ in India then.

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