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The Gmail Bookmarklet will add a unique string to the email signature to prevent Gmail from trimming the content. The hex color code for the appended text is #444 so it will not be prominently displayed in Gmail.

/* Gmail Trim Bookmarklet */

/* Are the ellipsis shown in the Gmail message */
var showtrim = document.querySelector(".aH1");
if (showtrim) {
    /* If yes, click to expand the trimmed content */;

/* Does your email message have a signature */
var gmail = document.querySelector("div.gmail_signature");

/* Get the unique message ID assigned by Gmail */
var id = document.querySelector("input[name='composeid']");

if (gmail && id) {
    /* Append the current Date and ID to the signature */
    gmail.innerHTML += "<br><small style='color:#444'>Message #"
     + id.value + " sent on " + new Date().toString() + "</small>";

/* Written by Amit Agarwal */
/* For updates, see  */
Published in: Gmail - JavaScript

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