How to Reset a Router to Factory Default Settings

You may want to reset your router to factory defaults for several reasons. For instance, there could be a power fluctuation and that may have corrupted the router settings. Or you have upgraded your router firmware and the device is no longer working.

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In any case, it is pretty easy to reset the router to factory settings. This type of reset is also known as a hardware reset.

Step 1. Turn on the router. We need to perform a reset while the router is powered on.

Step 2. Look at the back side of the router and you’ll notice a very small reset hole – this is often located near the slot for the power cord.

Step 3. Insert a pin, or the tip of a ball point pen, in the hole and press the reset button for at least 10-15 seconds. You may see the power light on the router turn off for a moment and will turn on itself.

Now remove the pin and your router should be reset. To confirm, open the command window and run the following command:


If you get a response, your router has been successfully reset and the settings have been restored to the original factory settings.

Router Reset Button

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

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