How to Cite Web Pages in Journals and Print Magazines

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012

This video describes how you can cite websites / web pages in your research papers using the MLA Style.

The MLA Style citation guidelines, that are used by journals, newsletters, magazine and university presses, suggests the following format for citing websites in research:

Name of author of webpage (last name, first name, middle initial or middle name [as given]). “Article Title.” Title of Webpage [publication]. Sponsoring Agency, date of publication (or date page was last modified). Web. (Medium of publication) Web address (optional). Date accessed.

As obvious, MLA doesn’t require the use of web URLs in citations as readers can find the corresponding web page by simply searching for the article title / author in Google.

However, if you citing an entire website, you need to include the full URL of the website.

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