Tips for Recording Screencast Videos with Camtasia Studio


1. If you are demonstrating a Web site or an online database in which the information changes from week to week, try not to mention dates, numbers, or colors which could be invalid later.

2. When talking about areas of the screen, be as descriptive as possible

  • For example, “Put your key words in the Search Box at the top of the screen and then click on the Go button to the right of the Search Box.” This will help the user follow along.
  • Be cautious about mentioning colors when giving directions, as some users may be color blind
    • To test your directions, print a black & white copy of the page in question and try to follow along to your directions
  • If you are giving directions or describing the screen, make sure you have accounted for screens looking different in other browsers
    • Find out what browsers your users have by looking at your server log files
    • A Web page will look different in Netscape 4.7 as opposed to Mozilla 1.4 or Internet Explorer 6
    • As a result, it may be necessary to describe the screen in several ways

3. Adjust the browser (or the application you are recording) before you record

  • Turn off unnecessary window elements
    • For example, if you have a Google toolbar installed in your browser and you do not need it during the demo, turn it off
    • The same goes for unused buttons, personal links/bookmarks, etc. Link.

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