Delete Photos from a Digital Camera Quickly

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 29, 2007

A Metafilter user is looking for solutions on how to erase all pictures from the memory card of a digital camera. The only problem is that the LCD screen of the camera is broken and he’s not too sure of the steps that will take him to the “Erase All” function of the camera.

“My LCD Screen is broken so I can’t see what buttons to push to use the “erase all” function. I’m almost certain I remember, but if someone could tell me step by step, I would appreciate it. [Yes, I normally borrow someone else’s camera to erase my SD card, but I’m low on time at the moment.]”

The best option is to connect your digital camera to the computer via a USB cable and open the Windows Live Photo Gallery or Picasa. Select all the pictures and hit the Delete key.

Alternatively, you can open Windows Explorer and the digital camera should be available as a new drive – select all the folder contents and delete.

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