How to Begin a PowerPoint Presentation by saying Thank You

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 26, 2008

How do you thank people before a presentation โ€“ they could be your peers, family members, friends or even your boss.

Now most people would do an Oscar-acceptance style speech just before the presentation but Seth offers a much better advice โ€“ he suggests creating a photo slide-show of people and run them in a loop while the audience are still looking for their seats.

Thus you won’t waste any of your valuable presentation time but still get an opportunity of saying thanks.

โ€œPrepare for the talk by taking pictures of each person. Then, create a new presentation. Put each photo on its own slide, preferably with a well designed ID below it (it should be on a black box, with a nice sans serif font reversed out. Like you see on cable TV news.)

String one after the other. Build a dissolve transition between each one. Program it to put up a new slide every two seconds–don’t go too slow!–and to loop the presentation.

Ten minutes before you’re due to start, while everyone is finding their seats, run the presentation. It’ll cycle 5 or 10 times before you start speaking. When you get up, start your presentation and just dive into the meaty stuff.โ€

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