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Do you want to create an animated GIF from a movie scene or a music video that you can later set as an avatar image in web forums ?

There are two ways to do this. Search for the movie on YouTube, download it and then convert that scene into an animated GIF using a desktop video editing program like VirtualDub or Photoshop CS3 Extended.

If the above method sounds too complex and geeky, here’s an alternate but very simple solution:

youtube-macbook-airFind that movie scene or music video on YouTube and pass the URL to gickr. And animated GIF image, made from your favorite video, will be available for download within few seconds.

Gickr is a free service that lets you create GIF animations online from Flickr photos. The good news is that they have extended support for YouTube videos as well.

Type the URL of YouTube video here and Gickr will almost instantly convert into a GIF animation. And the quality is actually quite good. You can guess this from the GIF animation of the MacBook Air advertisement above that was made from a YouTube video.

Published in: flickr - GIF - Software Hacks - useful - YouTube

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