How to Apply Creative Commons License To Your Documents

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 27, 2013

creative-commons-softwareThese tools will help you apply a Creative Commons Attribution license to your documents, photos and other files before you share them on the web:

CC PDF Converter – This is an open source PDF writer with an an inbuilt Creative Commons License generator. That means you can directly embed any Creative Commons license into your PDF documents at the time of conversion itself.

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CCPublisher – This is from Creative Commons itself and does two things – it allows you add a CC license to your audio and video files and then uploads them to the Internet Archive website for you.

creative-commons-licenseMicrosoft Office Add-in – Microsoft provides a Creative Commons Add-In for Word, Excel and PowerPoint – it lets you choose the right Creative Commons license for your Office documents through a wizard.

After selecting the license properties, CC text and hyperlink is inserted into the document while the license details are added to the document properties.

CC License Generator – If you are looking to add a Creative Commons license to your blog content, use this generator to get an HTML version of the license that you can copy-paste in your blog template. For Flickr, go to this page for setting a default license for photos that you upload onto Flickr.

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