How to Take Screenshot Images of Computer Screen

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A screenshot, screen capture or screen dump, is a static picture of your computer screen’s display. The picture is a digital image taken by the operating system or by screenshot software and can be saved as a GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG or any other image format.

  • With the browser of your choice, visit your blog’s main page. Make sure that this browser window is the active window in full view (you may wish to maximize your browser).
  • Press the Print Screen key (typically located at the top right of your keyboard) and the Alt key simultaneously (Alt+Print Screen). This captures your active window and saves the image to your clipboard. Note: Some keyboards have an F-key lock which must be turned off.
  • Open a graphic program such as Paint (found via the Windows Start menu under All Programs > Accessories). In Paint, using the menu at the top of the application, click Edit > Paste.
  • You may need to resize your image to make sure that is under the 800x 600 pixel dimension limit. To do this, click Image > Stretch/Skew
  • Change the percentage from 100 to 75 (or thereabouts) for both the horizontal and vertical stretch fields. Click OK.
  • Save your file by clicking File > Save As… Specify your file name. Change the ‘Save as File Type’ dropdown from BMP to GIF to reduce the file size.

Screenshots for Kindle

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