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RSS Reader for Chrome is an Google Chrome add-on that will instantly notify you whenever new content is published on your favorite sites via RSS feeds. The notifications include the story title and a short excerpt and you can click them to read the full article on the original site.

When you are on a website that offers RSS Feeds, Feeder will automatically detect the feeds and you can click the browser icon to quickly subscribe to that feed. Alternatively, you can add feeds to your subscription list manually or import them in a batch using an OPML file.

I prefer to follow the most-essential feeds inside Feeder but you also have an option to keep your entire Google Reader subscriptions in sync with Feeder.

Other than Chrome, Feeder is also available as an extension for the Safari browser and the developer says that they are “looking into supporting Firefox.”

All your feed subscriptions, read /unread data are stored locally in the browser and your clicks aren’t tracked but Feeder, by default, adds their own affiliate code to links that point to product websites (like Amazon or eBay). You can however turn off Skimlinks from the options window.

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Published in: Google Chrome - google reader - RSS

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