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Products that are up for sale on Amazon.com can have dozens or even hundreds of reviews written by consumers who have bought that product in the past.

Such detailed feedback from first-hand users is extremely helpful when making a purchase but at the same time, scanning through so many reviews can be a tough task.

amazon product reviews

What you really need is Pluribo - a Firefox add-on that will scan through all reviews associated with a product on Amazon and then prepares a one paragraph executive summary of the same.

This short summary, made by reading all consumer reviews, is displayed neatly at the bottom of the same Amazon web page as shown in the screenshot. You can hover over the underlined features to see what Amazon customers have written specifically about that feature.

Here are some product summaries generated by Pluribo:

Canon PowerShot: This sells briskly. Users like the battery, image stabilization, and zoom. Consider getting it.

Flip Video Mino: There aren’t yet enough reviews to calculate an accurate summary.

iPod Touch: If you don’t mind the price, it’s a solid contender; despite qualms with the steep price, reviewers like the software, included features, and display.

Pluribo currently works only with Electronics and Gadgets sold on Amazon but could be extended for other categories like Book reviews, DVDs, Software, etc.

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Update: While you may get an impression that Pluribo is reading and analyzing Amazon reviews in real time, that’s not the case. It fetches products summaries that already exist in database. To try this yourself, click here - the same thing will get displayed when you visit the iPod Touch page on Amazon.com [B0012JCZYM is Amazon’s code number for Apple iPod Touch]

Published in: Amazon - Mozilla Firefox - Online Shopping

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