Compare Creative Vado Camcorder with Flip Video Camera

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

video-camcorderCreative has launched a pocket sized video camera called the Vado Cam to compete with Flip Video which currently is the best-selling video camcorder at Amazon.

When it comes to features, Vado and Flip video cameras are very similar – both allow one-click video recording and also sport a built-in USB connector to quickly transfer video from the camera to your PC or Mac.


So should you buy Creative’s Vado Camera or Flip Video from Pure Digital?

size-comparison If you are looking to buy a new video camera to gift your dad or for your own self, here are few things you should consider before deciding between The Flip camcorder and Vado Pocket Cam.

*this comparison is between the 30 minute Flip video camera and Vado since both are in the same price range – $99.

Size & Weight: If you compare the size of these two video camcorders, Vado (represented in blue) is much thinner than The Flip camera (yellow) – the width and height are roughly the same so both can easily slip in your shirt pocket. The Flip weighs around 136 grams while Vado is just 84 grams.

LCD Screen: Vado has a slightly larger screen at 2" (640×480) while Flip’s screen size is 1.5" (280×120 pixels) – both however shoot video at 640×480 resolution but the screen display will be much better in the case of Vado.

Recording Capacity & Format: The $99 Flip can record up to 30 minutes of video (512 MB internal memory) but with Vado, you can shoot video footage for up to 2 hours since it has 2GB memory. Both record video in MPEG4 AVI format that can be viewed using any media player and is also ready for sharing on the web.

Battery: Flip Video uses the regular AA batteries while Vado is fitted with a rechargeable battery that can easily be removed – another advantage for Creative.

paris hilton flip videoParis Hilton with her Flip Video

Extras: You can attach Vado to a tripod but this tripod slot is available only in the expensive versions of Flip. Both camcorders have a TV-out port so you can watch videos / pictures on a large TV screen without a computer just like the iPod. The A/V cable is included with The Flip while you have to buy it separately in the case of Vado Camcorder.

Overall: The Flip introduced the concept of pocket sized video cameras and they have received some great reviews from experts like David Pogue and Walt Mossberg. However, Creative’s Vado camera definitely has the potential to unseat Flip from the top slot because it’s thin, light and offers much more storage space.

Going forward, I expect Pure Video to bring down the cost of Flip Ultra series to match that of Vado – that will be the perfect time to buy this as a gift for you dad.

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