What's the IP Address of my Router?

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Whether you are looking to upgrade the firmware of your existing router or need to secure your Wireless network with an even stronger password, you first need to know the exact IP address of the router in order to access the various settings.

router addressNow the default IP address of most routers is either or but in some cases - see example - you might have changed the default IP address at the time of installation and unfortunately, you do not remember that value any more.

Not a problem. There are at least two easy ways by which you can quickly determine the IP address of your router.

Find the IP Address of Router on Windows

Option #1 – Go to Start – > Run and enter the following command in the Run box.

cmd /k ipconfig

The IP address listed under “Default Gateway” is your router’s IP address.

Option #2 – Open the Run box again and type the traceroute command as shown below:

cmd /k tracert www.labnol.org

The IP Address listed at the first hop in the traceroute log is your router’s IP address.

Find the IP Address of Router on Mac

If you are using a Mac, the process to determine the router’s IP address is slightly different. Open the Terminal app and run the following command:

route -n get default

Note the value of “default gateway” - that’s the address of your router.

If nothing works, you might have to reset the router to factory defaults and this will change its IP address back to (Google the name of your router model for the exact value).

Published in: router - Wi-Fi

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