Remap any Unused or Faulty Keyboard Keys with Sharp Keys

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If some of the important keys on your computer keyboard have stopped working or if you are using a laptop with a cramped keyboard and like to reassign the Function (Fn) and other lesser-used keys to something more useful, try Sharp Keys.

reassing keyboard keys

Sharp Keys is a free Windows utility that lets you remap or even reassign computer keyboard keys. Here are some sample scenarios where this keyboard remapping utility will come handy:

1. To change the default behavior of a key by mapping that key to any other key - e.g. you could remap Caps Lock to a Shift key

2. For reassigning keys - if the Shift key is not working on your computer, you may reassign the Caps Lock key as Shift and map F12 for Caps Lock.

3. To create missing keys - if your netbook keyboard doesn’t include multimedia keys, you may assign F11/F12 key as media volume buttons.

4. To permanently disable certain keys on the keyboard - some admins like to disable the Print Screen key to prevent people from clicking desktop screenshots..

To select the to and from keys, you can either directly use the keyboard or select from a list of 104 predefined keys. SharpKeys writes these settings directly to the Windows registry, so you just need to run it once and reboot your computer.

SharpKeys runs on Windows Vista/XP/2000 and requires administrative rights.

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Published in: freeware - keyboard - utility - Windows

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