Download Divx Pro for Windows or Mac - Licensed Version


divx pro serial The DivX 6 Bundle contains everything you need to create and play DivX videos on a PC or a Mac - that includes the DivX Player, DivX Pro codec and DivX Converter.

The DivX converter compresses the size of your home video files and DVD movies without much affecting the quality. And the DivX Codec ensures that you can play those DivX movies in any of favorite media players.

This DivX Create bundle costs $20 but you can have it for free during the holiday season.

Step 1: Download DivX Pro at [Select the Mac or Windows version]

Step 2: You can either share your email address with DivX to get your own serial number for DivX Converter or if you don’t want to receive DivX offers in future, just use the following serial numbers:

For Windows: A3NI9M7P47B325A52C26 For Mac: 338BSZ759249T26B2M9E

Click Register and you are done. Thanks Channel9.

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