Camtasia Studio: Create Screencasts for iPhone & iPod

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screecast-iphone-camtasiaTechSmith today released Camtasia Studio 5.1, a free upgrade that makes this essential screencasting tool all the more useful for iPod and iPhone users.

Camtasia Studio 5.1 includes presets for both iPhone and iPod touch so you can render screencast videos for these devices in a single click without having to worry about video formats and screen dimensions.

ipod iphone screencasts The other very useful feature introduced in Camtasia Studio 5.1 is the new spotlight callout.

When you add this callout to your screencast videos, everything on the desktop gets dimmed except the selected area so it makes it easy for you to focus the audience’s attention on some specific area of the screen.

camtasia highligher

To upgrade your copy of Camtasia Studio to v5.1, download the upgrade from

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Published in: iPhone - Screencasting

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