Organize your Desktop with a Simple Wallpaper

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 15, 2012
desktop wallpaper

This may not be the most beautiful desktop wallpaper out there but it surely is innovative and different. All it has is an empty bookshelf and a computer desk inside a room – you can creatively fill it up with icons of your frequently used programs, folder shortcuts, control panel icons, etc.

To get started, open this template, right-click and set it as your desktop background. Then drag some icons from the Start Menu on to your desktop and arrange them on the bookshelves and the table.

If the icons don’t line up properly on the shelf, just right-click on your desktop and turn off the “align icons to grid” setting. And if your are using a netbook with a small screen, use this template instead.

Found via Herman Miller – Thanks Barb Hernandez.

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