Confirm Before Closing Multiple Tabs in Chrome

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

This is in response to @AshuMittal’s tweet – “Is there a setting in Google Chrome to prompt you for confirmation when closing all tabs by hitting X?”

Unlike Firefox or IE, the Google Chrome browser won’t show you any warning message or confirmation when you attempt to close multiple open tabs at once. You may therefore sometimes lose work if you accidentally close the main Chrome window instead of closing a particular tab in Chrome.

Chrome Toolbox, a popular Chrome extension developed by Google itself, has lately been enhanced to bring this missing feature to Chrome. Install the Chrome Toolbox extension and then under options, check the setting that says “Confirm before closing multiple tabs.”

Your Google Chrome will now prompt you with a confirmation message should you ever hit that “Close All Tabs” button by mistake.

Bonus Tip: When you have multiple Chrome windows open on your desktop and you press “x”, it will only close the current window. However, if you hit Alt+F then x, it will close all the open Chrome Windows. Thus, when you’ll open Chrome again, all the open tabs and windows will be restored as before.

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