Believe In Superstitions? Avoid The Word "me" In Product Names

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If you are superstitious and believe that names can bring (or deny) good luck, avoid giving your products a name that ends with “me”.


This is not a recommendation of any soothsayer but just a personal observation - there are least three product names that end with the word “me” and were either a complete failure and or faced a very “rocky” start.

1. Windows Me - Windows Millennium Edition (or Windows Me) was a successor to Windows 98 but PC World dubbed it as one of the worst version of Windows ever and included Me in the “high-tech hall of shame.”

2. .me Web Domains - GoDaddy recently made a much-hyped announcement that it will begin accepting application for .me web domains. Chaos followed and GoDaddy’s mismanagement brought lot of “bad reputation.”

3. Apple Mobile Me - You rarely see buggy products from the iPhone inventors but Mobile Me (formerly .mac) is definitely one. Apple customers have lost thousands of important emails in the past few days while some did not have access to email for over a week thanks to this new cloud computing platform called Mobile Me.

The service received enough negative press and this comment from a former Apple fanboy sums up the sentiment best - “We’re not just angry. We feel betrayed for having been Apple’s greatest PR reps for many, many years.”

Is the word “me” to blame for this fiasco ?

Published in: fun

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