How to Send Multiple Email Campaigns from a Google Sheet

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With Mail Merge for Gmail, you can send email campaigns from a Google Sheet. Just add the email addresses of recipients in the sheet, choose an existing draft from Gmail and hit send. Mail Merge will send individual personalized emails to each recipient.

You can also send multiple email campaigns with one Google Sheet using Mail Merge. For instance, if you send an email to a group of people saying “We are going to launch our product”, you can send another email to the same set of people saying “We have launched the products”.

The emails will go out as two separate email message via Mail Merge. Here’s how you do it.

Send First Campaign

Create a Gmail Draft with the subject “We are launching the product” and use this draft as a template in merge for sending the emails. You can watch the mail merge tutorial for instructions on how to perform merge.

Send another campaign, few days later

Create a new Gmail Draft with the subject “We launched the product”. Open the same Mail merge Google Sheet and clear the Mail Merge Status column. When the first campaign was sent, Mail Merge will set the status as “EMAIL SENT” for all the rows.

If you run Merge again with the new Gmail Draft, no emails will be sent as the column is set to EMAIL SENT. Select all the rows of the column (from row #2) and press delete to clear the column.

Now run merge with the new Gmail draft and the new email campaign will be delivered to the same sent of recipients as new messages.

Published in: Mail Merge for Gmail

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