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Introducing Videos Near Me, a simple app that will help you discover videos that were captured near a particular geographic location. That location could be your home, your school or any other point on the Google Map.

To get started, simply drag the red marker and place it anywhere on the Google Map to see videos take near that location.

videos near me

Why this tool?

YouTube allows users to geo-tag videos but the problem is that their advanced search doesn’t offer an option to find these geo-tagged videos.  Both Google Maps and Google Earth do offer a video layer of geo-tagged YouTube videos but they include a very limited selection of videos.

Behind the Scene

Internally, the tool determines the co-ordinates of the selected point and then queries the YouTube database to find all videos where the video owner has specified a location that is within a 2 mile radius of that point.

It uses the Google Maps API, Google Feeds API, YouTube Data API and Google’s Location API to find the geo-tagged videos near your location. Also, since people can associate any location with a video (you can say that you video was shot at the White House while the actual location is your bedroom), the tool may sometimes return junk results.

In the next release, I plan to add a search function that will help limit your geo-tagged video search results to a particular topic. For instance, you should be able to search “educational” videos shot inside the M.I.T. campus.

Published in: YouTube

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