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Would you like to get an update about all the new and upcoming book releases that are either written by your favorite author or upcoming titles that are around your topics of interest?

Well, there’s a simple feature at Amazon that can help you in your quest.

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Track Upcoming Book Releases

Open the book search page at and type the name of your favorite author in the “Author” field. You may also search upcoming books by keywords or by the name of their publisher. Then scroll to the “publication date” option and set it to some date in the future.

Hit Enter and voila! What you now see is a list of all relevant book titles that are in the release queue. For instance, here’s a list of all upcoming O’Reilly books, the Dummies series while this is a list of books around Google Chrome OS – the software is not launched yet but the books are due for release around November this year.

This option to find books by publication date is not only useful for tracking your favorite authors but even for your current purchases. Type the title of a book that you are about to buy, set the publication date to say next month and search - you’ll immediately know if the next edition of that book is near or not and you may defer your purchase accordingly.

Amazon doesn’t offer RSS feeds for their search results but you can add the search results pages to your Google Reader and it will automatically create a feed for you. Alternatively, you may use Google Docs to monitor pages  but it’s a bit geeky.

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Published in: Amazon - books - Software Hacks

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