A Complete List of Verified Twitter Accounts

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 19, 2012

If you see a blue verified seal on any Twitter page, it is sort of a confirmation from the Twitter staff that the account is real and doesn’t belong to any impersonator.

Though any Twitter user can put a request to get their account verified, Twitter has so-far only verified accounts of celebrities, brands, musicians, politicians and other well-known faces.

Accounts verified by Twitter

List of Twitter Verified Accounts

If you like to see a complete list of verified accounts on Twitter, here’s a trick. Open the twitter profile of @verified and browse though the friend’s list (profiles that @verified bot is following on Twitter).

When Twitter verifies a new account, the @verified bot starts following that person (or brand) and thus we know who all enjoy the verified status.

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These verified accounts are organized in Twitter lists making it easier for you to follow them all with a click. Surprising, the accounts of both Twitter founders – @ev and @biz – aren’t verified yet.

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