How Twitter Can Improve Their Homepage?

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What you see here is a screenshot of the Twitter home page (English version) that shows up when you are either not registered with Twitter or are not logged-in.

Just below the sign-up form, you can find a rotating list of some of the popular people who are part of the Twitter ecosystem. These mostly point to Twitter accounts of celebrities from the entertainment and media world, brands, authors, and everyone else who commands a popular following on Twitter.

twitter sign-up /homepage

Twitter probably has this list in place to convince first-time users to sign-up for an account but there’s one little problem with their approach.

Katie Jacobs Stanton of Twitter, while speaking at the Guardian Active conference, shared that Twitter has more than 200 million accounts worldwide and that more than 70% of Twitter traffic comes from outside the US.

The last bit is important because although 70% of Twitter’s traffic is international, the list of suggested users on Twitter’s English homepage is almost 100% American. The suggestions change every time you refresh the page but the accounts that make this list are mostly of interest to American people.

Twitter does maintain some country-specific lists – see the India list for example - and they’ll probably see more conversions if the suggestions on the homepage could automatically change depending on the IP (country) of the visitor.

Published in: Twitter

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