How Twitter Helped Me Get Sponsorship from Google

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Twitter Guide The power of twitter just never ceases to amaze me.

I am planning to organize some sort of a training event about blogging (details still being worked out) and therefore required sponsorship to cover the various costs related to the event.

Since I had absolutely no clue about who to approach for sponsorship, I asked my twitter friends and within minutes, there were about twenty responses suggesting me the next steps.

Everyone sort of agreed that the best approach would be to contact the Marketing / Corporate Communications team since they generally handle sponsorships in a company.

Now, the next task at hand was to find someone from the Corporate Communications department at Google India. Luckily, Amit Somani (he heads Mobile Products for Asia-Pacific at Google) picked my original tweet, we discussed the idea and about ten days later, I was told that Google will sponsor the event.

Two messages, each less than 140 characters, and there you have the sponsorship. Wow! Thanks Twitter, Google and of course, Amit.

A lot can actually happen over Twitter. See some more examples:

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Published in: Google - Twitter

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