TweetDeck Trick – Clear all the Columns in One Go

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 4, 2013

TweetDeck is my favorite Twitter client. It offers columns so I can fit in tweets from multiple lists on one screen, the advanced search filters are very useful and because TweetDeck is available as a web app, I can use it almost everywhere including the iPad.

TweetDeck does supports a couple of keyboard shortcuts for navigating columns but they probably forgot to add one for clearing columns.

Currently, if you are to clear all the tweets from TweetDeck, you have to click the triangle in the upper right corner, then click the “Clear Column” button and then click the triangle again to close the expanded header. And the drill needs to be repeated for every column.

Clear TweetDeck

If you are looking for a simple one-click solution, add this “Clear TweetDeck” bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. While you are on TweetDeck website, click the bookmarklet and it will clear all the columns.

The bookmarklet only works on but if you are using TweetDeck’s Chrome App, there’s a workaround as well.

While the TweetDeck window is active, press Ctrl+Shift+J to open Chrome Dev Tools and paste the following snippet in the Console.


Press Return and it will clear your TweetDeck. Not the most elegant solution but better than clearing the columns manually.


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