How to Extract Picture Frames from Animated GIF Images Online

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Q: How can I extract a series of still JPG images from an animated GIF movie ? I know this can be done in software like Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or Corel Photo Paint but do you know of any online photo editor that can also split GIFs ?

A: Well, that’s very easy. Upload any GIF image to GIFWorks - an online photo editing software. If your GIF image is online already, just type the URL and GIFWork will fetch that for you.

gif-image-framesOnce the GIF animation loads in the web browser, choose Optimize -> Split into Frames.

All the frames of your GIF movie are now split into individual images sequentially.

You can then save the frames manually by right clicking each file or save the full web page to your hard disk to save each and every frame.

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Published in: GIF - useful

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