Create MP3 Files From Text in Emails and Web Pages

Convert text from email, websites, word documents or PDF files into MP3 files. You can save the MP3 recording or listen to the narration online with Vozme, a free web based text to Mp3 converter.

January 24, 2008

create mp3 text filesVozme is web based tool that turns any snippet of text into an MP3 audio file that you can either listen online or download to your local hard drive.

You just have to copy the text from a web page or an email and paste it inside the Vozme text box.

While there are tons of solutions that convert text to spoken words, what I liked about Vozme is the clutter free interface and the fact that it runs inside the browser without requiring any downloads.

Bloggers can easily integrate the Vozme feature in the site so visitors can either listen to your full blog posts or they can select a portion of text and have Vozme narrate it like a speech. – Accepts Spanish, English and Italian languages. Thanks Jane.

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