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The founder of Wikihow has a great tip for websites - “produce the single best page on the Internet on any given topic, people will find it and share it with their friends”.

Interestingly, the high-quality articles don’t get just a little more traffic than the mediocre articles, they get hundreds of times more. When you can produce the single best page on the Internet on any given topic, people will find it and share it with their friends. Don’t settle for acceptable content, always strive to produce amazing content that your readers can’t resist sharing.

To attract more readers to your website, consider putting your content under a Creative Commons license so it can be widely distributed. Many webmasters are afraid to share their content, because they worry they will only be aiding competition. By sharing, what you are really doing is encouraging your competitors to provide free advertising for you. The more people who see your content on other sites, the more likely they are to eventually come straight to you.

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Published in: inspiration

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