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Do you want to share the most interesting part of a YouTube video with your contacts without wasting their time?

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YouTube URLs have long supported the “time” parameter that lets you link directly to any specific time of a video. For example, if you open the following YouTube URL in your browser, the video playback will start at the 1 minute 22 second mark and not from the beginning.

What has changed then? Earlier you had to add the “t” parameter to YouTube URLs manually but now you may do that more easily using the contextual menu itself.

While watching a video on YouTube, just right click anywhere inside the video player and select the option that says “Copy Video URL at Current Time” – the copied URL will now include the “t” parameter pointing to the current location of the video.

This however won’t work with YouTube short URLs (like and, though you can specify any start time, there’s currently no way to end the YouTube video playback at a certain time.

Published in: YouTube

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